So many of us seem to forget everything we know when we eat out. The term ‘eyes bigger than your belly’ comes to mind. Here are a few tips that I find useful when I eat out:

  •  Don’t ‘save yourself’ because you know you are going to be eating out later. By skipping meals to perhaps ‘save calories’ you will be ravenous which could end up with you over ordering or getting something you wouldn’t normally. Be sure to eat regularly just as you usually would.

Self-serve buffet’s are very tempting.

  • Instead of ordering chunky chips with your burger, get the side salad instead. You are already treating yourself to the yummy burger and your body will thank you afterwards.
  • Salad dressings and sauces are normally ridden with calories and saturated fat. So you may want to consider asking for these condiments on the side so you can monitor how much you are using.

Dress your salad accordingly.

  • If you can’t quite manage to finish your meal due to the large portion sizes don’t be scared to ask for a doggy bag. You can save it for the next day and not feel like you have overindulged.

Store your leftovers in the fridge.

  • It’s always good to see if you can find out which restaurant you will be going to ahead of time. This way you can check out the menu online beforehand and make sure you get everything you want out of the meal.
  • Lastly don’t be afraid to be assertive and ask. If you want to switch something that you see on the menu you are entitled to.

Scraping the plate clean.

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